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About KARA Communications

KARA Communications is a modern Personal Branding and Communications consulting agency that create unique experiences to help businesses and individuals keep the pace with growing markets by the development and communication of the impact of their brands on themselves and their businesses or communities through strategic planning, captivating content and enduring amplification.

At KARA Communications our key mission is to build brilliant brands through people, helping their message and purpose be more discoverable, sharable and memorable by putting people – customers, executives and employees – at the heart of each and everything they do.



Our Philosophy

We want to create a world where people are truly recognized as a company’s best promotional asset, where businesses thrive through individual empowerment and by having a sense  of purpose!


About Founder

Leila Kigha specializes in Personal Brand /communication consulting.

She is passionate about inspiring learning individuals to unlock their potential and strive to inspire them to clearly communicate their unique value, raise their visibility by connecting with their true selves and successfully realize their career and personal goals

While working as a free-lance journalist and media consultant, Ms. Kigha developed a passion for personal/ leadership brand development and management.

Out of passion to help people improve company and individual performance in the areas of Leadership and Individual Effectiveness, she embarked on a study in Personal Brand Development and has had in the past  years used the knowledge acquired to help many build both personal and leadership brands.

She holds a B.Sc. (hons) in Journalism and Mass Communication, Certification in Leadership/Personal Brand Management, (diplomas) in leadership, theology, Marriage and Family Education.

 She provides  personal/business branding, communication etc information on her blog  


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