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uncover, optimize and grow client’s personal brands… they are absolutely in the right place!

Uncovers their Professional Purpose

Establishes Credibility & Thought Leadership

Grows their Networks

Attracts New Opportunities

Increases Sales

Help them reach their Personal/ Business Goals


As a certified facilitator by the The Personal Brand Companysm we use amongst others the highly acclaimed Leadership Brand Managementsm and Personal Brand Managementsm methodologies developed by Susan Hodgkinson acclaimed author of The Leader's Edge: Using Personal Branding to Drive Performance and Profit (iuniverse, 2005), Principal of The Personal Brand Companysm which she founded in 1994.A leadership development expert, award-winning executive coach, and professional speaker. All our training courses are tailored to the client's specific needs and then tailored again on the day to the needs of the people in the room. The sessions are highly interactive and full of practical tips, tools and techniques.


As implied LEARN AT LUNCH program is a training event, scheduled during the lunch hour. Those who attend are served a paid lunch which they eat during the training session. It is less formal and less structured. Personal development, skill, product, professional development, and life skill trainings are offered within the lunch hour time frame. Appropriate for individuals, tailored also for companies.


-get more training at a little cost -make better use of the time you have -employees or participants get to enjoy one on one sessions Learn at lunch program will give you a more motivated, better trained staff or employee.


In this two day interactive workshop, we will help clients to expand their sphere of influence with Personal Brand - Maximizing Personal Impact. Participants will explore who they are, their approach to personal branding and what it means, the impact and influence they desire to have in their lives and work, and they will define their personal style. They'll also develop skill in areas like focus, concentration and communication in order to support their brand, and they will learn to build credibility and trust by making a commitment to living their brand. There is also a session on taking ownership of their personal image, both online and in person. This highly interactive courseware is a complete package.


We know that budgets are tight at times so our standard training courses are an affordable alternative to the elite package. With one knowledgeable and highly experienced trainer in the room and a group size of up to 15 delegates there's still lots of time for individual advice and side coaching. Your personal brand impacts your leadership style, the team or organization you lead, and ultimately how you choose to live your life. Everything you do can grow and reflect your personal brand: the projects you lead, the networks you develop, the customers you delight, the initiatives you take. And it is what other people will remember about you. All the time you're learning, growing, building relationships, and delivering great results, it's good for you and it's great for the company. This programme helps you design and communicate your personal value proposition - your footprint in the world.



  • Communication/PR Services ( Relations with media content providers and distributors, strategic planning and program development ,business visibility through articles, advertorials, publicity etc crisis, issues, and scandal management services)                                           
  • Media/ Production services (TV station, documentaries, talk show production…)
  • Image consultancy 



customized keynote addresses designed and delivered, on a variety of topics including:

Social Media Marketing

Personal Branding

Effective Communication

PR/ Advertising